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The Weather of the AV, Indoor Tennis needed.

 What is up with this weather, understand no tennis this weekend. UGH!!!

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23 Responses to The Weather of the AV, Indoor Tennis needed.

  1. Snowy says:

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enthrallnig!

  2. Mark Glouner says:

    Wow what a beautiful weekend in the AV, tennis tournament was fun. Hope everyone enjoyed the tennis. 130 participants played this weekend. Pablo congratulations on winning the Mens A’s, great job!

  3. Mark Glouner says:

    Looking forward to the annual Rancho Vista Tennis Tourney this weekend. Weather looks good. Come on out and enjoy some good competitive tennis.

  4. admin says:

    First, Glen Gee will be missed, but we wish him the best in his new home and job. Oklahoma here he comes… Also, there is a new guy in town from Detroit. His name is Cheo, big serve and smooth strokes… check him out!

  5. blvdtoday says:

    We need an indoor tennis court and hand ball court on the BLVD

  6. Lynora Miller says:

    Federer is amazing period! I love everything about him except when he loses. It bums me out for a couple of days each time. I want him to have all of the records…

    As far as girls, I like Clisters and am quite happy she is back. She is so gracious in winning and losing, unlike others I will not name and am not a fan of (Serena!)

  7. Mark glouner says:

    Croanie girl. I want to go to free LA

  8. Lynora Miller says:

    Who you callin’ a croanie, CROANIEE!, this croanie is going to an event after work at L.A. Live across from the Staples Center (at the Grammy’s Museum)… I am itchin’ to play tennis, I have not hit since Sunday… I guess tomorrow evening will have to do… Hope you get to play this evening…..See ya tomorrow croanie… 10am with bells on………

  9. markglouner says:

    weather looking good , may get to hit today, hope some croanies are out at the courts.

  10. admin says:

    Looking forward to more tennis once this storm blows through.

  11. Lee Glouner says:

    Indoor tennis courts would be a major asset to AV. I would be among the first to join

  12. admin says:

    OK , had to work, now I have this stupid cold and dont really feel like running around. Maybe tomorrow!

  13. Lynora Miller says:

    Well all I have to say to that is if you had come to the public park this morning you could have gotten in a wonderful time of tennis before the big storm! Indoor courts would be a plus in the High Desert though!

  14. admin says:

    where is the indoor courts? we need indoor very bad in the high desert

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